When the time is tight, the faster we get the money we need, the better. This is where online personal loan can be a good solution to the financial problem. If you have a pre-approved limit, the money may fall over time. However, care must be taken not to borrow on impulse and end up worsening the situation ahead.

Learn more about online financial lending and finding out if this is really the best option for you right now:


Online Personal Loan – What are the Advantages?

Online Personal Loan - What are the Advantages?

  • Speed ​​and practicality: If you already have a pre-approved limit linked to your account, you can get the money in a few minutes directly over the internet, without having to talk to any attendant.
  • Good choice for choking moments. We never know when we will have an emergency. Having this feature available ensures that if you need money at an unexpected time (a few days before payment or early in the morning), you will be able to.
  • Simulation before hiring. Most banks allow you to simulate the number and amount of installments you will pay before closing the contract. This makes it easier to plan for the coming months when you have to repay the debt. Within GuiaBayment, you can simulate the installments in the price comparator.
  • Possibility to choose when to start paying. In the hiring simulation itself, you can also choose the start date of the installment payment. Don’t forget that interest is charged the same way (ie the longer you start paying, the higher the interest will be).
  • Automatic discount for advance payment. Just as you can borrow online, you can repay the debt or even pay it off automatically. 


Online Personal Loan – What are the disadvantages?

Online Personal Loan - What are the disadvantages?

  • High interest. The main disadvantage of this type of credit is that the interest rate may be high in some but not all institutions. Therefore, it is the rule of research interest before borrowing any loan. 
  • Easy to give in to impulses. Because it is so easy to have the money in the account, the chance to take credit on impulse without thinking it through and to assess the amount of interest and the impact of the installments on the budget is greater.


Online Personal Loan – Where To Get It?

Online Personal Loan - Where To Get It?

If before anyone who wanted to take out a personal credit online could only resort to your bank’s website, now there are other companies that do this service also over the internet. There are features like GuiaBayment’s comparator that show you loan options from multiple institutions to determine which one best fits your needs.

The first step is to know how much you need and how long you can afford. This gives you an idea of ​​the interest rate being charged to each financial institution.